artwork lining the wall of my studio

Welcome to my studio

My journey as an artist has been one of cultivating many seeds of ideas; my studio is my garden. This is where I share the season’s harvest.

This past year was a year of wayfinding in my personal life, as it was for my creative journey as well. Starting to rent an art studio space was the beginning of a mindset shift that gave my inner artist the time and space to grow. As I moved into the space, I was unboxing old, forgotten supplies, rearranging the workspace often, and both continuing previous series and exploring new ones.

“From the Studio: Prints” is a collection of select pieces that came out of these first 6 months at the studio. From charcoal to watercolor to acrylic, these are the seeds I’m growing and building upon.


For all the girls like me who love our dramatic press ons, I am offering custom designed sets. Currently the turnaround time for this virtual process is 1-2 weeks for the set to be mailed directly to you. Fill out the form below to get started!